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Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi) in Java

A former slum area has become an Instagram hit thanks to vivid paint colours

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Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi)
Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi)

The Rainbow Village is located within Semarang city limits, in Central Java. It became the centre of media attention due to creative locals who decided to paint the village in bright hues trying to attract more tourists. And the plan worked! A former poor Indonesian neighbourhood is no longer dirty and gloomy. People started flocking to the village to take pictures on its new unusual background.

No part of the village was left untouched by paint and it looks like a scene from a cartoon or a fairy-tale. There are about 200 houses located on a hillside above a river, creating quite a spectacular view!

Local government spent over $22k, and it is already paying off as the tourism industry brought more life and businesses into the area.

Practical info

What led to the Rainbow Village becoming popular on social media?

In 2017, creative and vibrant painting by locals of the Rainbow Village caused it to become an internet sensation on social media platforms, making it a popular destination for both domestic and international tourism. Show more

Which city is the Rainbow Village located in and where is it situated?

Semarang city of Central Java in Indonesia is the location of Rainbow Village. The village is positioned above a hilly terrain that overlooks a river. It's a beautiful and captivating place with brightly painted houses. Show more

What inspired the locals to paint the Rainbow Village in bright colors, and what were the intended effects?

With a desire to uplift the spirits of a poor and dull locality, as well as to attract more tourism, the locals of Rainbow Village decided to brighten up the village by painting it with vibrant colors. The colorful painting brought new life to the village and the effect was transformative, breathing new life into the area and bringing joy to the community. Show more

What distinguishes the Rainbow Village from other areas and how many houses are there?

The Rainbow Village has approximately two hundred houses that are famous for their colorful walls, doors, and roofs. A unique mural trail is also found on the walls of the houses, distinguishing Rainbow Village as one of the most beautiful and unique destinations in the world. Show more

What benefits did the local economy receive from the Rainbow Village's popularity?

The Rainbow Village's popularity had a positive influence on the local economy. The village's transformation, which cost over $22k, encouraged tourism growth in the area. As a result of this transformation, many tourists visited Rainbow Village, providing opportunities for income generation and supporting local businesses. Show more

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