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Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi)

A former slum area has become an Instagram hit thanks to vivid paint colours

Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi) in Java 2019 - Best Time
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The Rainbow Village is located within Semarang city limits, in Central Java. It became the centre of media attention due to creative locals who decided to paint the village in bright hues trying to attract more tourists. And the plan worked! A former poor Indonesian neighbourhood is no longer dirty and gloomy. People started flocking to the village to take pictures on its new unusual background.

Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi) in Java - Best Season 2019

No part of the village was left untouched by paint and it looks like a scene from a cartoon or a fairy-tale. There are about 200 houses located on a hillside above a river, creating quite a spectacular view!

Local government spent over $22k, and it is already paying off as the tourism industry brought more life and businesses into the area.