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Sandboarding Season in Tasmania

Hit the sand dunes on Tasmania's warm west coast

Sandboarding Season

Make Tasmania's sandboarding experience your family adventure. With its mild climate, whiter than white sand and spectacular views Tasmania is becoming one of the most popular sandboarding destinations around the globe. Passing by the dunes, don't hesitate to stop by and check the experience out. Ride a toboggan, slide down the hills and have the time of your life experiencing the warmth of Tasmanian sun. Among the best sandboarding destinations, experienced travellers name Henty Dunes on Tasmania's west coast.​ These dunes are a fragile ecosystem, so please check out the information of environmental and cultural significance of the place before heading there.

Practical info

What is the recommended time of the year to visit Tasmania for sandboarding?

Tasmania is best enjoyed between October and April when the conditions for sandboarding are ideal. Mild weather conditions and bright sunshine make this the perfect time of the year to visit. Visitors should check the weather forecast before heading out and adjust their schedules accordingly to avoid the heat. Early morning or late afternoon is a good time to plan for a sandboarding trip. Show more

Where can we find Henty Dunes in Tasmania?

Located on Tasmania's west coast, Henty Dunes is one of the most popular sandboarding destinations on the island. It is situated 8 kilometers north of Strahan, a historic town on Tasmania's west coast. The dunes are easily accessible, and visitors can reach the site by car or bike. The dunes are visible from the main road, which makes it easy to spot. Show more

Which equipment do we need for sandboarding in Tasmania?

To enjoy sandboarding in Tasmania, you will need a few essential equipment. A toboggan can be rented on-site. For speed control, bring wax to make the board faster. Wearing suitable clothes is important, so wearing a hat and sunglasses is advisable. If you plan to stay longer, do not forget sunscreen and water to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Show more

Is there a minimum age requirement for sandboarding in Tasmania?

Sandboarding does not possess any official age requirement in Tasmania, but younger children need to be with an adult. It is a safe activity that everyone can enjoy, but visitors should check the site's regulations before starting. Following safety guidelines and taking necessary precautions can avoid any mishaps or injuries. Show more

What are the other available activities in Henty Dunes besides sandboarding?

Henty Dunes provides visitors with plenty of activities besides sandboarding. You can take a guided walk to learn about the area's geological history or explore the nearby beach. Visitors can also opt for a relaxing picnic with picturesque views from the beach, or simply listen to the ocean waves. For people who wish to experience water activities, kayaking or fishing on the Henty River is nearby. Show more

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