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Best weather to visit Vietnam

Weather: South Vietnam Wet Season

Monsoon rains last for almost six months, however, it doesn't rain all the time


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The rainy season in South Vietnam, including Ho Chi Min City, the Mekong Delta, Dalat and Phu Quoc, brings frequent but short lasting heavy mid-afternoon downpours. Monsoon brings humidity from the Indian Ocean. The temperatures remain high around the area all year round with June to August receiving the most of rainfall. On the other hand, Dalat is almost inaccessible​ due to the rains from June to October.

However in most places the wet season doesn’t mean a constant rain. Most of the time it rains for just a few hours and then the skies clear up and the weather is nice and fresh. The nature is especially beautiful and lush after the rain. So the rainy season in South Vietnam is not such a bad time for travelling there.

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