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When you are tired, cold, and hungry after a good ride on Alpine slopes, try some special Austrian cuisine that will warm you up and keep you satisfied. A good warm drink always comes first. Here you can choose from Jägertee or Glühwein. Mulled wine has been a popular winter drink since the Middle Ages. Jägertee is a hunter's tea. Alpine hunters drank this after shooting the Hirsch and not before—vision has a tendency to double after a couple of these so be careful. Then you can enjoy a bowl of warm soup. Gulasch Suppe is a meal in itself, providing a very economical and delicious mountain lunch. It is usually served with a round bread roll.

Käsespätzle is the Austrian equivalent of macaroni cheese and also a popular winter treat. When talking about dessert, there is a nice variety: Germknödel, Salzburger Nockerl, Kaiserschmarrn and well-known Apfelstrudel. Despite its unfortunate name in English, Germknödel is a classic sweet and a tasty delicacy. It is normally served with vanilla sauce or with poppy seeds and melted butter. Salzburger Nockerl is a light and fluffy dessert that may remind some people of Salzburg’s snow-capped mountains. Kaiserschmarrn are sweet pancakes, chopped up and served with sugar icing and stewed plums or apples.

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