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Best season to travel to Bolivia

Coca Leaves Harvest

If your first association with "coca" is cocaine or Coca-Cola, you are on the right track


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The name of the world-famous beverage brand is not a mere chance—the extract of coca was used in Coca-Cola production from 1885 to 1929. Nowadays Coca-Cola does not contain cocaine anymore. Though in a few countries, including Bolivia, one might still legally chew coca leaves, or drink coca tea. The content of cocaine in these greens is from 0.25% to 0.77%. Needless to say, the effect produced by coca leaves is weak and doesn't cause any change of behaviour. Locals chew it all the time. And travelers are recommended to drink coca tea to prevent altitude sickness. The plant originated in the Andes, and bountiful harvests occur three times p​er year: once in March, later also in late June, and later also between October and November.​

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