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Raining Poetry

Rainy weather reveals secret poetry that covers much of the city center

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When you walk in the rain, be prepared to see some magic—you might find poems appearing right under your feet on Boston's sidewalks. If only it had been true magic, but in fact, these are a part of the "Raining Poetry" project run by local youth supported by the city's authorities. Young romantics write poems all over the city using waterproof paint that is revealed only in rainy weather. The secret art can be seen in lots of the city's public places including Park Street, Roslindale intersection, and around the Strand Theatre​. The city has no dry season, summer and early fall see the most showers and thunderstorms, yet o​n average it rains year-round except for snow season which lasts from December to March. So one can witness the magic from April through November, but if you want to avoid thunderstorms, opt for spring and late fall.

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