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May Day 2024

Workers' Day is always a big deal in Chicago

Dates: May 1

May Day
May Day
May Day

Even though International Workers' Day is not celebrated in the United States, Chicago is an exception. Every year, thousands of people gather in Union Park to march against social and racial injustice and other issues. After all, Chicago is the place where the holiday was born. International Workers' Day commemorated the spring of 1886 when the city started a national movement for an eight-hour workday.

On May 1st, 35,000 workers left their jobs, and thousands joined the protest in the following days. A culmination occurred on May 4th, during a peaceful rally in Chicago’s Haymarket Square. A bomb was blown in the crowd killing several protesters and police officers. Workers' Day has been marked in countries worldwide, usually on May 1st.

May Day in Chicago is focused on supporting immigrant rights, abortion rights, and raising the minimum wage. In the past, May Day demonstrations organized by the Chicago Federation of Labor were also held at West Washington Street and West Washington Boulevard. Rallies also took place at Daley Plaza and other locations.

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