Best time to go to Austria

May Day 2020

Labour Day parades or traditional Spring celebrations? It's up to you to decide what this holiday is about.

May Day in Austria 2019 - Best Time
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Johann Jaritz

The 1st of May is well-known around the world as Labour Day. This day is often celebrated with parades or processions and waving flags. However, if you're not the fan of this movement from the 1970's, you can try something else. More traditional celebrations of Maypole can be found in the countryside of Austria. There you can become a part of an old tradition called Maibaum. People decorate a wooden pole, carry it through the village or town and erect it in a specially prepared place. Locals then sing and dance in traditional costumes around the pole with flowers and colorful ribbons to celebrate Spring. One more interesting fact about the 1st of May in Austria is the night before which is called Philippinacht. On that night, ​young men collect everything lost and untidy to be sorted and returned. The next day people get back their lost things but should pay a "fine."

May Day in Austria - Best Season 2020