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Broadstairs Dickens Festival 2022

This costumed event brings back Oliver Twist and other Victorian era charcters


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The coastal town of Broadstairs in Kent County has been paying tribute to Charles Dickens for over 80 years. The famous writer who was so good at describing Victorian England and its inhabitants visited Broadstairs regularly from 1837 until 1859 and immortalised the town as "Our English Watering Place."

The locals celebrate the connection with the national hero with costumed parades, street entertainment, and a number of free events on the streets of Broadstairs.

The Broadstairs literary festival lasts for a few days and transforms the town and brings Dickens' characters to life. Ladies wear lush Victorian dresses, corsets, elegant hats, or lace caps, and men—frock coats, vests, pocket watches, top hats, and bowlers. Girls prefer to imitate their mothers, and boys often dress up as chimney-sweeps, flaunting their grimy cheeks and brushes.

Classical music of the era of the famous writer can be heard all over the town. Highlights include the festival play, a Victorian banquet, a Victorian country fayre, and the unforgettable Dickensian beach party.

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