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Glacier Walking in Iceland 2024-2025

The very name of the country implies this is the land of ice, and you can't leave it without ice walking experience

Best time: all year round

Glacier Walking
Glacier Walking
Glacier Walking
Glacier Walking
Glacier Walking

Icelandic landscapes provide an excellent terrain for glacier hiking. The lovers of extreme leisure will be fascinated with the options. However, with all respect to your adventurous spirit, it's highly recommended to explore the glaciers with a specialized tour guide, as constant motion of the ice results into small cracks as well as giant crevices, and certain areas are particularly dangerous to walk alone. The guidance ensures that your ice walking experience will be safe and fun.

Ice walking tours run in several areas, two most recommended include Svinafellsjokull Glacier and Solheimajokull Glacier (departure from Reykjavik). You may choose from a one-day tour, as well as multi-day combo hike, or even a private tour. Your glacier adventure may combine ice walking with ice caving and ice climbing. Tour operators provide crampons and other equipment required.

Fortunately, you are not limited to any particular season, as the appropriate weather conditions allow ice walking tours operate all year round.

Practical info

When is the best time of year for glacier walking in Iceland?

Ice walking tours are always available throughout the year in Iceland due to its chilly climate. The experience might differ with seasonal changes, though. During summer, there is better visibility and a gentle hike, while the winter season is less crowded, but the chill might be more pronounced, providing a magical icy experience. Show more

Where are the most recommended areas for glacier walking in Iceland?

Two of the most recommended glaciers for ice walking in Iceland are Skaftafell National Park's Svinafellsjokull and Solheimajokull located in Reykjavik's southwest. Svinafellsjokull is renowned for natural ice sculptures and a serene atmosphere, while Solheimajokull is accessible and spectacularly beautiful, making it a popular spot for walking on the ice. Show more

What should I wear for a glacier walking tour?

To combat Iceland's weather, functional dressing is key for glacier walking tours. Windproof and waterproof clothes are necessary both on top and bottom and should not be cotton to avoid water absorption. Additionally, choose sturdy and waterproof boots for hiking or mountaineering, thick socks, gloves, and a warm hat. Ice crampons will be provided by Glacier Iceland Tour operators. Show more

How physically demanding is the glacier walking tour?

Glacier walking in Iceland can be challenging to some extent, requiring reasonable fitness levels. However, you can tailor the walk to your fitness level with assistance from knowledgeable guides who will evaluate your abilities and make necessary adjustments to the path. Some walking may involve climbing, while others may not. Cold windy weather on the glacier requires appropriate dressing to achieve maximum comfort. Show more

Can I combine ice walking with other activities on a tour?

Alongside ice walking, Iceland's glacier tours can also provide options for exploring natural ice caves or ice climbing, making the adventure even more thrilling for enthusiasts. While visitors can arrange private tours, public tours also come in packages that combine different activities with ice walking tour experiences. Show more

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