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Best time to go to New South Wales

Snowtunes 2019

A music festival in snowy mountains—a one of its kind in Australia


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Sometimes Australia can feel like the snowy Alps, especially if you are at Snowtunes Music Festival! Snowtunes takes place in Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains, New South Wales at the end of August, in the middle of the snowy season. It can be reached in 8 hours from Melbourne and in 5 hours from Sydney.

Thousands of skiers and snowboarders can enjoy an excellent lineup of electronic dance music after they hit the slopes during the day. Snowtunes takes place on two stages for two days. Its previous lineups included Rudimental Thundamentals, The Smith Street Band, Meg Mac, Hockey Dad, Confidence Man, Tired Lion, Slumberjack, Miss Blanks, Set Mo, 4B, Amastro, Aviva, Bec Sandridge, Confidence Man, Crooked Colours, DJ Sabio, Miss Blanks, and Nyxen.

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