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Traditional Tibetan momos have travelled to other countries, but the original taste can only be found here

Momos in Tibet - Best Time
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Dumplings served in Tibet are completely different from others you've tasted. They are called momos. These are hard and salty, deeply dried, and filled with yak meat and streamed vegetables. There are also vegetarian momos with onion, carrot, and chives.

Momo ready to be cooked
Momo ready to be cooked

There are thousands of momos recipes, as almost every Tibetan family has its own. You can try cheese, spinach, just steamed vegetables, and chicken momos as well.

Momos in Tibet - Best Season

They taste best with special sweet sauces. It may sound strange, but the perfect drink for momos is a cup of hot chocolate. The most traditional beef momos are usually consumed during Losar—Tibetan New Year celebration.

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