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Try a delicious dessert during Summer Day in Albania

Best time: March 14

One of the sweet traditions in Albania is making a dessert for the Summer Day, celebrated on March 14th. The dessert named "Ballokume" originated from Elbasan and now has spread across the country. It's also referred to as "Ballokume Elbasani". It is made of cornflour, powdered sugar, butter, and eggs. Ballokume cookies are prepared in a large copper pot and baked in the oven. It's said that Albanians don't give away the exact recipe—it is known only to locals.

Ballokume goes side by side with another attribute of Summer Day—red and white stripes. Locals wear them as bracelets and later hang on the trees for good luck.

The best place to try the festive cookies as well as experience other traditions is either the birthplace of Summer Day Elbasan or Albania's capital city of Tirana.

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Authors: Olha Savych