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Igloo Building in Austria

Build a real winter house and experience life in an igloo village

Best time: December–March

Igloo Building
Igloo Building
Igloo Building

This is really a unique experience for your winter holidays. Become a part of the igloo building seminar in Ebensee or on the Styrian Bürgeralm. Want to feel the natural rhythm of an igloo village? All you have to do is visit! The white village with its 18 igloos is located near the mountain station Hochbrixen, in ​Wilder Kaiser Skiwelt. It is perfectly accessible for non-skiers as well. It takes only eight minutes to get up to the Alpeniglu village by cable car. The breathtaking artwork displayed at the ice sculpture exhibition Iceland and the huge snow buildings will also amaze. You can enjoy a drink at the ice bar and try a cocktail in a crystal clear ice glass. An overnight stay in an igloo suite is an exciting winter experience. It includes dinner at the ice table and an entertaining program. Make your vacations unforgettable and try something new!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the igloo village in Austria?

The period between December and March is the ideal time to visit the igloo village in Austria. At this time, the igloos are built with fresh snow and maintain their shape due to a low temperature. Visitors are treated to a scenic view of a white, powdery snow with breathtaking scene. Show more

Where are the igloo building seminars located in Austria?

In Ebensee and at the Styrian Bürgeralm visitors can participate in igloo building seminars under the direction of skilled igloo builders. These are exciting opportunities to learn how to build an igloo from scratch. The locations offer fun experiences and changes to learn new skill sets. Show more

What activities are available in the Wilder Kaiser Skiwelt besides igloo building?

The Wilder Kaiser Skiwelt offers a variety of activities apart from igloo building. Skiers and snowboarders can hit the slopes while non-skiers can tour the Alpeniglu village to spot the Iceland ice sculpture exhibit. The village has an ice bar for drinks, igloo suites for overnight sleep, ice glasses for cocktails, and unique dinner at ice tables. The environment inspires natural rhythms of an igloo village integrating the winter wonderland experience. Show more

Can non-skiers access the Alpeniglu village?

Yes, non-skiers can access the Alpeniglu village taking the eight-minute cable car ride from the mountain station Hochbrixen. The village has an ice sculpture exhibit, 18 igloos, an ice bar, and the overnight stay igloo suites. Alpeniglu village is an incredible place for non-skiers to enjoy the winter wonderland and experience natural rhythms of an igloo village. Show more

What is an overnight stay in an igloo suite like, and what is the entertaining program?

An overnight stay in an igloo suite is an exciting, unique experience. Despite being surrounded by ice and snow, the igloo suite is surprisingly comfortable, equipped with warm fur blankets, and cozy sleeping bags. Dinner is taken on an ice table, while cocktails are served in a clear, ice glass. The program also has entertaining story times about igloo building and an insight into Eskimo life. An enjoyable Finnish sauna is part of this package. It is perfect for those seeking a new and unusual experience. Show more

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