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Cappadox Festival 2018

The celebration of music, arts, gastronomy, and outdoor activities in the beautiful setting will capture all your senses

Dates: June 14–17, 2018 (over)

Cappadox Festival was organized for the first time in 2015 to fill the breathtaking landscapes of Cappadocia with music, contemporary art, gastronomy, and outdoor activities.

Concerts take place in a different valley every night, as well as in Bezirhane (1500-year old home of monks with fantastic acoustics, now transformed into Konak Bezirhane Cave Otel), Uçhisar Castle (the highest point in Cappadocia), and Cevizlik surrounded by the famous fairy chimneys. One of the participants' favourites are the sunrise concerts accompanied by the tweeting morning birds. Music genres range all the way from ethno and jazz to electro-funk and experimental rock, so everyone can find a sound to heal their soul.

Outdoor activities heal body and soul. You can join nature walks, yoga sessions, and cycling to explore the area. There are also running activities at a comfortable pace. Yoga and meditation sessions at the sunrise and sunset spots create perfect conditions to reflect on your experience and find inner peace.

Cappadox also plays with visitors' gastronomic imagination. Fusion of traditional tastes, textures, and aromas expressed during the picnics, tasting sessions, and dinners lets visitors experience food in new ways.

Usually, organisers provide shuttle service to the festival locations departing from the Uçhisar Square with the stops all the way to Göreme.

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