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Soundwave Music Festival 2018

Rave with Soundwave—the festival featuring five nights of excellent music and partying

Dates: July 26–30, 2018 (over)

Soundwave Music Festival

Soundwave Music Festival is a popular choice for those who enjoy jazz, dub, electronic music, reggae, hip-hop and R&B. Featuring three days of live music and five nights of parties Soundwave in Tisno was named one of 'Europe's Best Music Festivals' by The Independent. It is located in a small and idyllic fishing town of Tisno on Croatian coast that turns​ into a "new Ibiza" for a week with non-stop music, dancing, and partying.

The tickets for this event beloved by many electronic music fans are around $130. Soundwave is famous for its great relaxed atmosphere and diverse crowd. The parties are held right on the beach, in the sea, and in clubs all around town. There are also many boat parties which are so popular in the Adriatic region.

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