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Best season to travel to Faroe Islands

New Nordic Cuisine

Summer brings new seafood flavours: langoustines, crabs and whales


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The Faroe Islands recently has become the outpost for Nordic haute cuisine. The few restaurants can boast the popularity and high rankings on the world's lists of top restaurants. Among those are ​KOKS, AAstrava, Etika and some others on Faroes. There you can taste the famous Faroese langoustines (the biggest in the world!) and other typically Nordic food prepared in a modern fashionable way.

The Nordic chefs have even written a New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto, which was also signed by a famous Faroese chef Leif Sørensen. It is their goal to keep to it and deliver the best tastes for the customers. Generally, the seafood is available all year round, but to get the freshest fish summer is probably the best for most species. And keep in mind that if you fancy some sushi there is only one place that can offer that on the Faroe islands - the Etika restaurant.

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