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Tro Tram Festival 2023

The festival of sexuality and love that has taken a quite vivid turn


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Serving as a date to celebrate human's reproductivity and vitality, Tu Xa commune, Lam Thao district of Phu To province (about 100 km from Hanoi) annually organizes a sacred festival of "no nuong", or the reproductive organs. At midnight, the models of reproductive organs are put out of the box, that is guarded and inaccessible​ throughout the year, by the chosen man and woman. These two are cheered and hallowed as they take the female genital and male genital respectively. The crowd of hundreds circle them and cheer with the "linh tinh, tinh phoc" phrase three times while the man puts the male genital model into the female genital model, highlighting the harmony of Yin and Yang. There is also a traditional table of goods, comprising of chicken, fruit and incense. This is the day when everyone celebrates love, people are opening their souls to each other.

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