Best Beach Vacations for Every Season

Did you know that endless summer and cloudless blue skies are always just one flight away? No matter the time of year, somewhere on the planet warm turquoise waters, golden sands and tall palms always await you. If you are a beach person, this guide will lead you to your heaven on earth. So why not trade in your daily routine for a little swimming and sunbathing? Places like these are just the ticket if you are looking to unwind.

December–February. Beat the Doldrums Closer to the Equator

Do winter chills, gray days, and gloomy skies bring you down? Well, lucky for you, there are plenty of beach escapes that will recharge your batteries with sunshine, warmth and beautiful scenery. Waikiki, Punalu'u — these words are code for happiness! Hawaii has a paradise beach for every visitor. There are also plenty of spots on Sri Lanka’s South or West Coasts where you can enjoy solitude and relaxation. Cancun is a perfect escape from winter, with a beach for every taste. If the Yucatán Peninsula is too touristy for you, consider going to Cuba instead. In the southern hemisphere, try Tasmania for the most beautiful and secluded nooks. And you can’t beat the Maldives, where you can have a whole island of your very own!

March–May. Plan Your Get Away in Spring

Before summer crowds take over the beaches of the Mediterranean, you can enjoy some quality time in Valencia, Crete, Sicily or Croatia. In Florida, spring is the best time to enjoy the warmth without crowds and unbearable heat. Mauritius will give you everything you expect from a dream vacation. The Red Sea Coast is an affordable alternative to overpriced resorts, as is Vietnam! In May, you can also enjoy the opening of tourist season in the Mediterranean or discover the endless warmth and vibrant greens of Madeira.

June–August. Finding the Best Beaches

Get californicated on the coastline that spans 1400 km (870 mi) and boasts over 400 beautiful beaches. Summer also opens up hundreds of top-notch beaches in Europe. Swim alongside movie stars at a luxury beach in St. Tropez or discover a new sweet spot in Albania! Algarve is perfect for surfers, while Corsica offers plenty of partying and serene island spots. Indonesia has some of the best beaches in the world, where summer months guarantee perfect weather conditions. If you love nature, discover Tanzania, where you can see wild animals in their natural habitats, and take some time to relax along the beautiful coastline of the Indian Ocean.

September–November. Chasing the Sun

Goa boasts some of the best beaches on the planet. Choose Calangute Beach for vibrant nightlife or opt for a secluded oasis that you will have just for yourself. Mallorca and Malta have plenty of secluded beaches where you can enjoy stunning sunsets which become especially colorful in October and November. If you are thinking about late fall, the Canary Islands will have perfect beach weather and warm seas. September and October are the perfect months to discover Zanzibar’s outstanding barrier reefs and UNESCO world heritage sites. Move a bit farther south on the Indian Ocean coastline and visit Madagascar, an island with unique endemic wildlife and marine creatures.