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Hadrian's Wall

The remains of the wall between the cities of Corbridge and Greenhead are the best preserved


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The Great Wall is not only a Chinese invention. A similar structure exists in the UK. An impressive construction was created during the Roman Empire, namely, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian (76-138 AD), one of the most mysterious rulers of the ancient world. The unusual "necklace" of Northern England extends from some towns in the east to the west and is on the list of the most important monuments of historical heritage. Fragments of Hadrian's Wall in many places have survived till today. The easiest way to see impressive views of this unusual structure is to go to one of the cities where this ancient construction ended.

The 135 km long hiking trail begins in Wallsend and ends at Bowness-on-Solway. The road is considered easy and pleasant for a walk and passes through small towns and villages, picturesque hills, and many historical monuments related to the era of Hadrian. Because of the fragile landscape, walkers are asked to follow the path only during the summer months.

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