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Storks of Volubilis in Morocco

This ancient Roman city is taken over by storks in winter

Storks of Volubilis
Storks of Volubilis
Storks of Volubilis

This city was founded by Romans in 3rd century BC. It was the occupied by Muslims and followed by the Idrisid dynasty. After several attacks and earthquakes, it was abandoned in the 11th century. Under French occupation, some archaeological excavations were made and the Roman city with its beautiful mosaic floors, temples, and baths, emerged from the ruins.

The city is still a great tourist destination with plenty of picturesque ruins to see and to photograph. Storks are currently the only residents of Volubilis and they build nests on its half-ruined Roman columns. They are usually there between September and March.

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When is the best time to see storks in Volubilis?

The storks grace Volubilis with their presence between September and March when they flock to the half-ruined Roman columns to build their nests. They can be observed in large numbers during this period amidst agreeable temperatures. This is an ideal time to explore the city and marvel at the mystical beauty of these majestic birds. Show more

Where do the storks nest in Volubilis?

Volubilis is home to storks that nest on the half-ruined Roman columns. The birds nest in the hollow cavities of these columns where they breed and raise their young. Tourists visit from around the world to witness this fascinating avian invasion in its natural habitat. Show more

What other Roman ruins are present in Morocco?

Morocco boasts several ancient Roman ruins apart from Volubilis. Some noteworthy locations include Banasa in Tanger, Sala Colonia in Rabat, Cotta in Aïn Cheggag, Lixus in Larache, and Chellah in Rabat. These places have rich histories and are excellent places to dive deep into Morocco’s past. Show more

How long does it take to explore Volubilis?

Discovering all of Volubilis typically takes approximately two hours, allowing visitors to explore the historical sites and ancient architecture. However, the exact time required may vary depending on the duration of peak season, number of tourists, and prior knowledge of the historical significance of the city. Show more

Are there any recommendations for tourists visiting Volubilis, such as clothing to wear or carrying special supplies?

While no specific instructions apply to visiting Volubilis, visitors should wear comfortable footwear, such as walking shoes, and carry enough water to stay hydrated, especially in the summer months when temperatures are high. A sun hat, sunscreen, and other sun protection may be necessary on particularly hot days. As Volubilis is an ancient site, visitors should watch their footing on uneven ground to avoid accidents and injuries. Show more

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