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Scotch Pie and Bovril

A football match cannot do without a piece of warm nourishing mutton pie and a glass of hot beef-flavoured Bovril


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Traditional Scotch pie is made of minced mutton and is usually referred to as "mutton pie" or "mince pie." However, other meat varieties are also used in the pies. Since long ago the savoury Scotch pie has been sold to hungry and cold football fans during the matches that usually run between autumn and spring—namely from August to April. The season is known for frequent rains and low temperatures, so a warm nourishing snack is quite helpful in such cases. Scotch pie goes well with another Scottish specialty—a spicy broth with beef flavour known as Bovril. Both are offered on football grounds. Mutton pie and Bovril have already become an integral part of football culture in Scotland, and Scotsmen habitually consume the food even when they are watching a match at home in front of a TV.

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