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Ice Field Trekking

Ten days spent in an endless ice field—challenging and gruelling, but also amazing and a truly unforgettable experience


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One of the unique experiences available in Patagonia is trekking through its vast ice fields renowned as the world's third largest ice plateau after Greenland and Antarctica. Groups of 2 to 6 die-hard adventurers can challenge winter and cross the icy desert—for ten days you will be torn from the rest of the world and surrounded by snow and ice.

By the end of the hike, ​your body is likely to be exhausted, but your mind conversely will be reborn. Expeditions run from November to March, all the necessary equipment, including crampons and snowshoe​s, is provided. Groups usually depart from Argentina, and then head to the Chilean territories, so make sure to bring your passport for border crossing.

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