Best season to travel to Corsica

Honey Delights in Corsica 2024

The great variety of aromatic Corsican honey is something not be missed

Best time: March–September

Honey Delights
Honey Delights
Honey Delights

Corsica is well known for its many types of honey gathered by different species of bees. Different seasons and regional landscapes provide different varieties of honey with drastically different flavors. This gourmet product is certified both for its origin and quality. Among the best known are “maquis” and chestnut honeys. Spring maquis honey with tastes of cocoa and caramel originates from lavender, brooms, and heather. Summer maquis honey comes from the highlands and has a strong flowery scent. Autumn maquis honey is creamy and not so sweet. All kinds of local honeys can be tasted at the Honey Festival at the end of September.

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