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Trempo Salad

Try this fresh, simple, healthy, and tasty snack

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If you are looking for a complicated recipe, which requires special and hard-to-find ingredients then this dish will be very disappointing. But on the contrary, Mallorcan people love this salad for its simplicity and freshness, especially during hot summer days.

Trempo can be translated from Catalan as "a seasoning to make food tastier," but surprisingly no special seasoning is used during the preparation. The salad includes fresh tomatoes, onions, local white peppers, olive oil, salt, and parsley. Everything is chopped, mixed, and served during any time of the day.

There is a tradition to eat trempo without forks. A big plate is placed in the middle of the table and everyone scoops the salad with the help of brown Mallorcan bread and their fingers, of course.

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