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Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs

Judging from the discovery of dinosaur eggs, one could assume this beautiful site used to be the home to many such creatures


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The sandstone cliffs are actually red in the daytime, and twice as stunning at sunset when they become bright orange as though they had been truly set on fire. A range of nicely coloured formations are concealed within the deserted area close to the Yolyn Am Canyon. A long time ago the cliffs must have been a dinosaur nursery, as the site is renowned for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs.

Its common name the 'Flaming Cliffs' was made up by ​Americ​an paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, who discovered the site in the 1920s. Natives refer to it as Bayanzag. The best season to enjoy the view is during the snowless period between April and October, for even the slightest snow coverage may prevent you from seeing its full stunning beauty.

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