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Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia

Judging from the discovery of dinosaur eggs, one could assume this beautiful site used to be the home to many such creatures

Best time: April–October

Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs
Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs
Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs
Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs

The sandstone cliffs are actually red in the daytime, and twice as stunning at sunset when they become bright orange as though they had been truly set on fire. A range of nicely coloured formations are concealed within the deserted area close to the Yolyn Am Canyon. A long time ago the cliffs must have been a dinosaur nursery, as the site is renowned for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs.

Its common name the 'Flaming Cliffs' was made up by ​Americ​an paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, who discovered the site in the 1920s. Natives refer to it as Bayanzag. The best season to enjoy the view is during the snowless period between April and October, for even the slightest snow coverage may prevent you from seeing its full stunning beauty.

Practical info

When is the Flaming Cliffs most beautiful?

The Flaming Cliffs showcase their stunning beauty between April and October. Snow is an obstacle that significantly obstructs visibility, and any amount of it can prevent visitors from experiencing the region's full grandeur. Note that Mongolia experiences extreme temperatures at both ends of this season, with scorching heat in July and freezing cold in the colder months. It is essential to plan wisely to get the most out of your visit. Show more

How do I reach Yolyn Am Canyon?

Yolyn Am Canyon is near the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains in the Gobi Desert of southern Mongolia. The easiest route is to hire a car from the nearby Dalanzadgad town, which takes about an hour but may be bumpy. Alternatively, visitors can join tours that ferry them while offering sightseeing opportunities in the region. The canyon in winter can be icy, making it slippery and dangerous to visitors. Spring or summer is the best time to visit to avoid this and see the canyon's beauty to its fullest. Show more

What happened when dinosaur eggs were found at the Flaming Cliffs?

The Flaming Cliffs became famous worldwide as the first location where dinosaur eggs were discovered. In the early 1920s, Roy Chapman Andrews, an American paleontologist, led an expedition there and discovered one of the largest nest of dinosaur eggs. The discovery and other dinosaur fossils altered the scientific community's perception of these ancient reptiles. Today, the Flaming Cliffs is a prevalent tourist attraction as they come to learn about this historic event. Show more

How can visitors go about exploring the Flaming Cliffs' abandoned areas without getting lost?

Abandoned areas of the Flaming Cliffs offer a unique experience to visitors and are open for exploration. Visitors are free to indulge in the deserted areas, but it's recommended to tread cautiously to prevent getting lost in the massive desert region. Tour guides can help guarantee safe and informative exploration. For the adventurous, many tour companies provide multi-day hikes into the desert's heart, allowing visitors to explore deeper and learn more about the desert's mystic features. Since the region is arid and with sudden weather swings, tourists should note the climate to stay safe during their expedition. Show more

Why are the Flaming Cliffs so famous, and what significance do they hold to the locals?

Roy Chapman Andrews, the American paleontologist, termed the Flaming Cliffs in the 1920s upon discovery of dinosaur eggs in the area. The fiery hues of the cliffs coupled with the exceptional sunsets inspired the memorable moniker. Locals call the Flaming Cliffs 'Bayanzag,' or 'rich in saxaul,' highlighting the Saxaul tree's significance in the area's ecosystem and local lives. The Saxaul tree's root is a source of fuel and medicinal nutrients that are essential to the people's way of life. The area holds great significance in preserving Mongolia's cultural heritage and ecosystems. Show more

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