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Best weather to visit Peru

Peru Weather: Rainy Season on the Coast

Some rain, some fog, some sun — the weather is perfectly balanced, even in winter!


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When winter comes to the coast, it usually discourages tourists from visiting this region. In addition to much of the coast, including Lima, whole days are covered with mist, called by locals La Garua. The temperatures are mild, but high humidity creates that shaky feeling on your skin. August is the coolest month and June is the wettest.

But bad weather doesn't mean you have to avoid visiting Peru's beaches and enjoying the South Pacific Ocean in winter. The water is still warm enough for swimming, especially in the northern part, and only a few people will be around. In addition, May through August is considered the best time for surfing around Lima.

This period is rich in great events. Many cities and villages host guinea pig festivals in July and August.

The National Peruvian Paso Horse Competition is held in April or May in Mamacona, and the famous International Festival of Spring in September or October is the number one place to watch Paso Horses, the Marinera dance, and enjoy traditional musicians on the streets of Trujillo. Also rain brings a very unique and mysterious beauty to the National Reserve Lomas de Lachay.

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