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Uva Tea Harvest in Sri Lanka 2024

Uva is probably the most famous tea producing region

Best time: August–October

Uva Tea Harvest
Uva Tea Harvest
Uva Tea Harvest

Well known for its black tea with exotic woodsy and sweet aroma, tea harvests in Uva differ from the rest of Sri Lanka. Book an excursion to a tea plantation in Uva, and check out how tea harvesting is being done by hand.

Uva is the most remote and least populated province of Sri Lanka. So going there is already an adventure. Its famous tea is grown 1,000 m above sea level, on eastern slopes of island's central mountain range. Dry winds that blow in the area during the summer give the Uva Tea its wonderful aroma and distinct mellow taste.

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What sets Uva Tea apart from other Sri Lankan teas?

The tea grown in Uva, which is a remote and less populated province of Sri Lanka, has a unique aroma, delicate flavor, and reddish color, which are distinctive from other teas grown in the country. The tea is grown in different conditions compared to other regions, as the dry winds blowing during summer in Uva help concentrate the flavor and aroma of the tea, resulting in a mellow taste that tea lovers adore. It is also low in tannin, adding to its distinct qualities. Show more

When is the ideal season for tea harvesting in Uva?

The best time to experience the tea harvest in Uva is from August to October, which is the tea harvesting season. Visiting the region during this period provides an opportunity to witness the tea harvesting process and experience first-hand the tea-making process at one of the many local tea plantations. The actual harvest dates may vary depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Show more

Where are the tea plantations situated in Uva?

The tea plantations in Uva are found on the eastern slopes of the Sri Lankan central mountain range, situated 1,000 meters above the sea level. This province boasts a combination of lofty plateaus and deep valleys shrouded with misty mountains, making it a stunning setting for tea gardens. The scenic drive to the tea gardens of Uva Province provides a great view of the area's natural beauty. Show more

How do farmers harvest tea in Uva?

Farmers in Uva primarily harvest tea by hand, making the process labor-intensive and time-consuming. They collect the top two leaves and the bud during the harvest season while ensuring careful handling of the tea leaves. Following this, the leaves are tightly rolled and sun-withered before fermentation and oxidation come in. These processes create the unique aroma and flavor that characterize Uva tea, responsible for the drink's fame. Show more

What role do the dry winds play during summer in Uva?

During summer, dry winds commonly blow in Uva, which have a crucial role in the tea-growing process. These winds draw out moisture from the tea leaves, making them more concentrated in flavor and aroma, which contributes to the mellow taste of Uva Tea. This taste is unique from other teas around Sri Lanka, attributes to the tea's growing conditions and location in this remote province. Show more

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