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Alpine Golf in Austria

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Alpine Golf
Alpine Golf

Austria has established itself as one of the best golf destinations in Europe due to its spectacular and perfect green golf courses. There are a number of Austrian golf courses worth visiting. The Kitzbühel’s Golfclub Eichenheim is ranked among Europe’s Top 20 golf clubs by the Peugeot Golf Guide. The mountain scenery of every part of the course is stunning. During the annual Kitzbühel Golf Festival in June, golfers play down the famous Hahnenkamm ski run, ending on the 9-hole Rasmushof course. This club includes four fantastic golf courses with 63 holes, another 19 facilities in the immediate vicinity, 25 golf hotels, and a wide range of parties, tournaments, events, and special golf packages.

Vorarlberg, Lower Austria, Salzburgerland, Burgenland and Upper Austria all have a lot to offer for a real golf lovers too. One can find high alpine courses, cross-country courses, and sunny plateau courses. A wide selection of courses from 9-hole courses to 45-hole courses can be found as well as accommodation in any price range. Choose one that suits you the best or try out them all! Usually the alpine panorama makes it hard for a golfer to keep an eye on a ball, but that's what makes it so special golfing in Austria.

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What makes Austria stand out as a golf destination?

Austria's golf destination stands out due to its stunning green golf courses, high alpine courses, cross-country courses, and sunny plateau courses. The country has several regions, including Vorarlberg, Lower Austria, Salzburgerland, Burgenland, and Upper Austria, that collectively provide a unique and memorable golfing experience. Regardless of their golfing level, players can enjoy a wide selection of courses with as many as 45 holes. Austria caters to a diverse range of golfers with its unmatched alpine panorama. Show more

When is the favorable time to plan a golf vacation in Austria?

As the weather is mild, and the greenery is gentle, the best time for golf lovers to plan a trip to Austria is between April and November. Throughout this period, the golf courses are in top condition and perfect for playing. Nevertheless, the peak golf season gets during June to September, with extended daylight hours and warm climate, it is the best season to engage in this sport. Show more

What can be said about the unique golf courses that Austria offers?

The exclusive golf courses in Austria are gorgeous and have remarkable backgrounds. The Kitzbühel’s Golfclub Eichenheim is ranked among Europe’s top 20 golf clubs and offers vistas that complement the playing experience. The Rasmushof 9-hole course is legendary since it concludes on the Hahnenkamm ski run. Apart from those, golf courses in Austria feature signature high alpine courses, cross-country courses, and sunny plateau courses. Tourism in this area is supported by many golf resorts and packages available for tourists. Show more

Which regions are popular for high alpine golf courses in Austria?

High alpine golf courses are mainly found in Tyrol and Vorarlberg regions of Austria. The Golfclub Seefeld Wildmoos is found at an altitude of 1,300 meters and provides golfers with the peace of mind and a beautiful perspective of the Tyrolean Alps. The astonishing mountain range envelops the Bludenz-Braz golf club that also features a unique design. It is possible to have a challenging round of golf while surrounded by beautiful mountains. Show more

Are there any golf vacation options for tourists in Austria?

Austria has several golf vacation options that cater to the requirements of tourists. With some packages that include accommodation, green fees as well as meals or drinks, tourists can have an affordable or luxurious vacation. The golf courses, resorts, and hotels often collaborate to provide the best experience possible for solo travelers, couples, and families. Visitors can expect to have a memorable and enjoyable stay with these options available. Show more

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