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World Future Sports Games 2017

Drons, robots and other unusual participants form a new vision of sports

World Future Sports Games

The Biennial World Future Sports Games feature robots and various automatic, controlled by humans. This is a totally new era in sport and it seems that these competitions can become as exciting as Olympic Games.

Robotic swimming, running, wrestling, playing table tennis, manned drones, drone and driverless car racing highlight the games. This tech-oriented was held in Dubai in December 2017. The games are planned to be held every two years. The idea emerged after hosting World Drone Prix in the city. The first drone racing event drew 150 global teams to Dubai to take part in this competition. A special technical trek was designed for the races to make them even more spectacular. The spectators could watch the races on the multi-camera view on big screens. The wealth of the city and a progressive thinking can give birth and support a new generation of sports. Soon we’ll see the results.

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