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Hanami Dango

Thanks to this traditional Japanese dessert you will be able to feel cherry blossoms with all your five senses


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Without hanami dango cherry blossom season in Japan would have been somewhat incomplete —you may view them, hear the rustle, and touch the delicate petals. The fifth sense gets involved only when you enjoy a cherry-flavoured dango during a picnic, sitting right under the gorgeous blooming trees.

Every ball on a stick has its own colour and taste. The pink one is obviously cherry-flavoured, the white one is vanilla, and the green one tastes like green tea. By the way, the dessert is usually served with a cup of green tea. In fact, even though it's known as a dessert, hanami dango isn't particularly sweet, but rather tender.

In fact, there are many varieties of dango in Japan; this name is given to traditional Japanese dumplings, available year-round, except some seasonal ones, like Hanami Dango. The word hanami itself literally means "cherry blossom viewing", and Hanami season in Japan continues from late March to the end of April.

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