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Madrid-Style Boiled Dinner (Cocido Madrileño)

The people of Madrid call it the "star and pearl" of the local cuisine


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Cocido madrileño is really the number one in Madrid gastronomy. The dish is very popular, both among locals and tourists. It is a thick soup with meat, sausages, and vegetables or simply nuts. This dish takes a long time to prepare and is served in three sets: pasta or rice served with broth, vegetables or simply Turkish peas with bacon, and finally meat and sausages. Moreover, meat in Cocido madrileño is of different kinds: beef, pork, and chicken. Not to mention the fact that chorizo sausages are also diverse.

You'll find the dish in a range of Madrid's restaurants. One of the most famous places is Malacatín—it has specialized in preparing Cocido madrileño for over a hundred years. This dish is a favourite on the winter table!

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