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Extraordinary Golf in Nepal

Playing golf in the most exotic field in the world might become your lifetime experience

Extraordinary Golf
Extraordinary Golf

Playing golf at Pokhara field is available throughout the year. However, during summer it might get extremely hot with unpredictable showers. Therefore choose the time when the temperatures are freezing in Europe. If you do so, the moderate 12°C in Pokhara will enhance the good and comfortable experience of the game.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Nepal for playing golf?

If your goal is to play golf, then January to February is the ideal time to visit Nepal. These months provide the best temperatures in Pokhara, which typically hover around 12°C. Playing golf at other times may be less comfortable due to extreme heat and humidity. Note that unpredictable rains during the monsoon season (June to September) can force the closure of the golf course. Show more

Where is the Pokhara golf course located in Nepal?

Situated in Pokhara, the golf course is located on the southeastern side of the city. Getting there by car is easy. Pokhara boasts a plethora of tourist attractions aside from the golf course, including the World Peace Pagoda, the International Mountain Museum, and paragliding from Sarangkot. Boating on Phewa Lake also provides a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Show more

What is the difficulty level of Pokhara golf course?

Although it may not be the most challenging course you’ve ever played, the Pokhara golf course is known for its natural water hazards and unique vegetation. Its breathtaking views and memorable experience make up for its narrow and short course. The course spans only around 3,085 meters and has nine holes with a par of 35. Show more

What other activities can one do in Pokhara apart from playing golf?

Pokhara has a range of exciting activities beyond golf. Visitors willing to indulge their adventurous streak can enjoy paragliding, hot-air balloon rides, zip-lining through lush forests, and mountain biking tours. For a more relaxed vacation, visitors can enjoy a spa or take in charming views from a boat ride on Phewa Lake. The town also has rich historical experiences to offer, highlighted by International Mountain Museum's expeditions and the area's mountain mountaineering history. Show more

When is the peak tourist season in Pokhara and how crowded does the golf course get during that time?

During peak tourist season in Pokhara, from September to November, there will be large crowds, and the golf course may have higher demand. Despite this, golfers can expect an unobstructed game. To avoid long wait times, discounted packages, and advanced booking, we recommend making reservations ahead of time. Hotel and golf course rates decrease significantly in December and January, making it a more tranquil and less busy time to visit. Show more

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