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Best time to visit Nepal

Honey Hunting Season

One of the ​unique activities in Nepal is gathering honey from the wild bees' nests. Men are climbing high cliffs to get to the nests and harvest the honey


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The activity that is not yet fully commercialized in Nepal. Therefore, it is possible to witness the ancient Nepalese honey hunting and be sure it is not staged just for you. There are two seasons of honey hunting - late spring and late autumn and thus these are the times when you have most chances to see the hunters at work.

The hunters themselves could earn the title of most courageous people ​since they climb huge cliffs to get to their target - enormous bee hives, with, sometimes, above 2 million population. They've been stung so many times, that they might not even feel it. They use only traditional handmade ropes as means of transportation up. This is a spectacular activity considering the hilly topography of the country. The hunting goes on in isolated areas and may be a bit off the track.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to ask your guide for more information on the spot. However, it is known that autumn hunting is more often done in low altitude belt and takes about 5 days. The high altitude hunting occurs in spring and takes about 9 days. The duration depends on the distance to the base.​

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