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Fromage de Chèvre or Goat Cheese

Wine and cheese are a classic, but in Provence, ​these words have a whole new meaning


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Goat cheese has been a specialty of Provence since the Roman times. It was first made in the town of Banon in the département of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Today Banon cheese is a widely renowned treat. Goat's cheese is good both on its own and in dishes like tarts, salads, or quiches. Aside from the famous Banon à la Feuille, a small, round and soft, unpasteurized cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves, there's also another Provençal specialty called Fromage Fort du Mont Ventoux. It's a cheese made by seasoning young cheese with salt and pepper, dousing it in vinegar, placing it into an earthenware​ jar and leaving it in a cool place to ferment for a couple of years. If you're interested in the making process, you can even visit a goat farm and taste so​me fresh cheese there.

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