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Best season to travel to Rio de Janeiro

Coffee Bean Harvesting

Tasting a cup of fragrant Arabica is a must in Brazil


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Every day around the world two billion cups of coffee are consumed. Coffee is the third most consumed beverage (after water and tea) and the second most valuable exported legal commodity on earth (after oil). Brazil has been the biggest global producer of coffee for more than 100 years. The country's climate is perfect for growing coffee beans, and there are thousands of square kilometres of plantations. Aside from that, Brazilians stand out in their way of processing coffee beans by drying them in the sun. However, coffee is not native to Brazil and basi​cally was smuggled in by a man named Francisco de Melo Palheta. He planted the first coffee bush and changed the course Brazil's history. Anyway, while staying in Rio you should take the opportunity to visit the countryside with its plantations, watch the harvesting of the beans, and taste an exceptional fresh cup of Brazilian Arabica.

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