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Artisan Honey and Baklava

This golden sweet can be eaten with Greek yoghurt​, or enjoyed in traditional baklava


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Raw honey is an exquisite dessert in itself—​both yummy and healthy at the same time! Hardworking bees gather honey from March through September, and in the southernmost areas until as late as November. Beekeepers keep busy by moving hives depending on what is in bloom.

In May, for instance, oranges bloom on Greece's fields and slopes, July is the month for wild thyme, September is marked by blooming forests, and heather has two bloom seasons: in spring and fall. Light-gold thyme honey, distinguished by its incomparably pleasant after-taste is the local favourite, and commonly referred to as the "nectar of the Gods." Greeks commonly pour it over yoghurt​ and name the dessert galaktoboureko. Traditional Greek sweets, such as baklava, are also based on honey.

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