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Horse Riding in Austria

Mount a horse and enjoy spectacular landscapes on horseback

Best time: May–October

Horse Riding
Horse Riding

If your hobby is horseback riding and you plan to visit Austria for a holiday, don't leave your hobby at home! A wide range of beautiful trails awaits you. The Innviertel Woodlands, between Salzburg and Passau, offer idyllic rides through a centuries-old forest, lakeside trails, and small traditional villages. A 200 km network of bridle paths in Salzburger Sportwelt is another great experience. The glaciers of the Ötztal Valley may suit you as well. Beautiful Tyrolean Haflinger horses bred and raised in Obergurgl are ideal partners for riders of all abilities, as they are sure-footed, calm, and reliable. On rainy days, ​you can still enjoy horse-riding in Salzburger Land in one of the indoor riding arenas. Riding stables are equipped for sporty riders as well as beginners and children.

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When is the best time to go horseback riding in Austria?

To enjoy the best weather for outdoor activities while avoiding the busy peak summer months, try horseback riding in Austria between May and October. To ensure availability, book your tours well in advance. Show more

Where are the best locations for horseback riding in Austria?

Some of the best places to go horseback riding in Austria include the Innviertel Woodlands between Salzburg and Passau, Salzburger Sportwelt, and Ötztal Valley. Experienced and beginner riders will enjoy the well-maintained bridle paths and breathtaking scenery in these locations. Obergurgl is another popular destination known for its reliable Tyrolean Haflinger horses. Show more

What level of experience do I need for horseback riding in Obergurgl with Tyrolean Haflinger horses?

Dedicated to reliability and docility, Tyrolean Haflinger horses are suitable for all levels of riding experience. You don't need any prior experience to go horseback riding in Obergurgl with them. Short-loop rides are great for beginners while experienced riders can take longer rides. Show more

Are there any age restrictions for horseback riding in Austria?

Most Austrian stables do not set age limits for horse riding enthusiasts. Pony rides and short-loop rides cater to children who need extra support. Since there may be weight restrictions or other requirements, it's best to inquire with your stable or tour provider. Show more

Can I go horseback riding in Austria even if it's raining?

Whether or not it's raining, horseback riding in Austria is still an option. Numerous horse riding stables and tour providers offer indoor riding arenas, so check with your preferred service provider for availability. Bring appropriate clothing and equipment, and you'll still have a memorable horse riding experience. Show more

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