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Tampa Am 2023

The biggest amateur skateboarding contest on the planet

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Tampa Am is an amateur skate contest recognized all over the world. Since 1995, Tampa Am has been providing ground for best amateur skateboarders in the U.S., and many winners of this event later turned pro and had a great career in skateboarding. The list of past Tampa Am winners included Donny Barley, Nyjah Huston, Caswell Berry, and Luan Oliveira, skateboarding legends of their times. Tampa Am is recognized as the Amateur National Championship, and its level continues to rise.

Tampa Am is accessible to male and female skaters from around the world. There is a two-tiered qualification system with an Open Qualifier on Friday and the official Tampa Am Qualifier on Saturday. Different criteria determine who skates each day, ensuring that both newbies and renowned skateboarders get a chance to participate. Friday's Open Qualifier features 150 skaters, and Saturday's Tampa Am Qualifier is open to 100 skaters.

The competition takes place at the Skatepark of Tampa, Florida, considered as one of the best skateboarding spots of the East Coast. The park hosts two major annual competitions: Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. It includes a terrain pro course, featuring a funbox pyramid and multiple rails. The beginner's course has smaller rails and ramps as well as the great bowl, popular among skaters. The course is redesigned every time before the Tampa Am.

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