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Tour du Mont Blanc

Conquer Europe's highest mountain and test your endurance


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Europe’s highest mountain is famous for its breathtaking beauty. It's no wonder that thousands of tourists ignore all possible signs of danger and try to climb up to the summit of Mont Blanc every year.

As the birthplace of modern mountaineering and rock-climbing, the mountain attracts visitors of all age groups. Still, this adventure is challenging, as it requires excellent equipment and great physical endurance. Most people prefer to hire a professional instructor to help them with the ascent.

The season runs from mid-June to mid-September. Summer is the most popular time, as it is also believed to be the safest for climbing and trekking. August is the most crowded.

Unfortunately, the weather on Mont Blanc is usually unpredictable. It is highly advisable to check forecasts just before leaving the village and to pack properly. This experience will become your greatest adventure, but only if you are fully prepared and equipped.

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