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Best time to visit Grand Canyon

Helicopter Tours

Watching Grand Canyon from the air, you'll discover the most hidden curves and ravines of this beautifully rugged terrain


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Some visitors choose to discover Grand Canyon on a hiking trip; others prefer to observe it from the raft; some go skydiving to have a thrilling but quick-lasting look from above. All of these options provide a pretty much of experience. However, you won't embrace the whole picture unless you go on a helicopter tour. A well-measured aerial journey offers the most awe-inspiring views revealing hidden jewels of the natural wonder.

You can choose from several options and routes. It could be a half-day, or a full-day tour, with the picnic and champagne at the bottom of the canyon. Some tours also combine several activities such as rafting or a visit to West Canyon Skywalk. So you may select the package that suits you most regarding time, budget, and other preferences.

As you decide on a helicopter journey, you have to be aware of certain risks. Although the accidents are rare, it's not 100% safe. It's not any Disneyland ride, and the navigation low along the narrow winding gorge is rather complicated.

Helicopter tours operate all year round. Usually, they depart from Las Vegas.

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