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Helicopter Tours in Grand Canyon

Watching Grand Canyon from the air, you'll discover the most hidden curves and ravines of this beautifully rugged terrain

Best time: all year round

Helicopter Tours
Helicopter Tours
Helicopter Tours
Helicopter Tours

Some visitors choose to discover Grand Canyon on a hiking trip; others prefer to observe it from the raft; some go skydiving to have a thrilling but quick-lasting look from above. All of these options provide a pretty much of experience. However, you won't embrace the whole picture unless you go on a helicopter tour. A well-measured aerial journey offers the most awe-inspiring views revealing hidden jewels of the natural wonder.

You can choose from several options and routes. It could be a half-day, or a full-day tour, with the picnic and champagne at the bottom of the canyon. Some tours also combine several activities such as rafting or a visit to West Canyon Skywalk. So you may select the package that suits you most regarding time, budget, and other preferences.

As you decide on a helicopter journey, you have to be aware of certain risks. Although the accidents are rare, it's not 100% safe. It's not any Disneyland ride, and the navigation low along the narrow winding gorge is rather complicated.

Helicopter tours operate all year round. Usually, they depart from Las Vegas.

Practical info

When is the best time to go on a helicopter tour in Grand Canyon?

For the optimal experience, Grand Canyon helicopter tours recommend early morning or late afternoon. These hours provide the perfect lighting conditions for photography, emphasize the canyon's texture and depth, and avoid excessive heat. Also, the stability of the weather, lower temperatures, and minimal wind effect amplify the remarkable experience. As the helicopter tours operate through the year, visitors can choose the most suitable schedule for their visit. Show more

Where do the helicopter tours usually take off from in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is the usual departure point for Grand Canyon helicopter tours. Tour operators provide a shuttle service from the major hotels to the airport, and the helicopter companies have their own helipads at the airport. Additionally, some tours might offer pick-up services that take you straight to the airport. The process involves a pre-flight briefing and security screening before departure. Show more

What measures are taken for safety during the helicopter tour?

Ensuring safety is the tour operators' top priority during Grand Canyon helicopter tours, meaning strict guidelines are in place on all flights. The helicopters undergo maintenance by certified mechanics before every flight. Plus, the pilot continually monitors the aircraft's systems and flying conditions throughout the flight. Safety is paramount for these tours, and in case the weather's unsafe, the tour can be cancelled or rescheduled. Obeying onboard rules, such as wearing seat belts at all times, avoiding unnecessary movements, and listening to pilot instructions, is necessary even in good flying conditions. Show more

What are the unique features of a helicopter tour as opposed to other tours in Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon helicopter tours offer a unique perspective of the area from a bird's-eye viewpoint. They cruise down to the canyon's bottom, allowing visitors to experience the rocky terrains, waterfalls, and Colorado River up close. There are different packages of tours, including various routes and durations, suiting visitors' budgets and preferences. Besides, helicopter tours portray the entire park's beauty in a way that hiking or rafting cannot. It delivers a breathtaking experience at every step of the trip. Show more

What are the different tour package options available for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour?

There are several helicopter tour packages visitors can choose from for the Grand Canyon adventure, ranging from bite-size to elaborate experience. The packages can vary from 25 minutes to over 4 hours, with prices corresponding to durations and added activities. Some tours even offer specific activities like rafting, dining, or drinking on the canyon floor. Additionally, packages may include a visit to the Grand Canyon's famous West Canyon Skywalk or boarding a Colorado River boat ride. These packages suit visitors' budget and time availability, catering to an unforgettable aerial experience of the canyon. Show more

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