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Little Talbot and Big Talbot Islands

Explore miles of undeveloped, pristine beaches


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Northeast Florida is known for its unique sea islands. Little Talbot and Big Talbot State Parks offer visitors to experience undeveloped barrier islands with their natural flora and fauna. The islands are a perfect place for kayaking, cycling, running, or simply relaxing on the beach. If you plan to swim and sunbathe, the best time to visit Little and Big Talbot would be from April through October. Winters in northeastern Florida are too cold to enjoy beach activities. Little Talbot Island features about five miles of white sand beaches and a few miles of bike trails. Sunsets are especially beautiful here. Also, stop by the picturesque roots and fallen trees that add visual interest to bare sand. Take a walk to Myrtle Creek bluffs or camp in a local forest. Stargazing is another thing worth trying at Little Talbot.

Big Talbot Island State Park is a premier Jacksonville location for birdwatching and photography. You can relax on Boneyard Beach, famous for its sea-washed tree trunks. The park also offers a few popular hikes such as coastal Blackrock Trail, Big Pine Trail, leading to the marsh, or Jones Cut, going through the forest. Paved Timucuan Trail is great for cycling and skateboarding.

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