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Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Thermal clothes, sleeping bags, and mattresses acompanied with Nordic vodka are very helpful in the snow hotel


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Could you imagine that it is possible to survive the night in the house built of ice and snow? To convince oneself one may book a showsuite in the Kirkenes Snow Hotel and spend a night in one of the world's most unusual lodgings. The extraordinary building is entirely made of ice taken out from the lakes. The walls and icy furniture were designed and carved by skillful artists. The halls are decorated with ice sculptures. Thermal clothes, sleeping bags, and mattresses will prevent you from freezing at night. A glass of Nordic vodka before going to sleep in an ice-block bed might be also helpful. In fact, the temperature is not so bad and even warmer than outside due to the insulating properties of ice. The Kirkness Snow Hotel is rebuilt every year in late December until it melts again in early April.

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