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Ceska Pivnica

A place with good food, nice atmosphere, and lots of beers in the heart of Lublin

Best time: all year round

Ceska Pivnica

Ceska Pivnica is an excellent place in the old town of Lublin for grabbing a glass of beer. Its central location in an old tenement house on Grodzka Street within just a few-minute walk from Lublin Castle (Zamek Lubelski) makes it a perfect spot for an afternoon drink. A wide selection of local beers in summer and hot beer and mulled wine in winter suit every taste and pocket. Żurek, jacket potatoes, and garlic soup won't leave you hungry.

Ceska Pivnica was founded in 2007 and mostly offered a selection of Czech, both draught and bottled. Over the years, the menu switched to mostly Polish beers. Ceska Pivnica has also hosted a range of conferences, presentations, workshops, and other special events in the banquet hall. So whether you are searching for a place to grab a drink with your friends or to host an event, have a look at Ceska Pivnica and let their friendly staff serve you.

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