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Antidotum Airshow Leszno 2023

One of the biggest and brightest airshows in Poland

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Antidotum Airshow Leszno is a popular annual event held at Leszno Airport, Western Poland. The spectacular air show features aeronautics displays, paramotors, paragliders, static aircraft on the ground, live music, and fireworks. The unique spectacle, drawing aviation enthusiasts from all over Poland and beyond, is usually held in mid-June.

Aerobatics displays are the main crowd-pleaser thanks to amazing solo and team performances by Polish and foreign air force jets. Past performers at the air show included the Polish 33rd Airlift Base with a display of the Polish Air Force’s C-130. The Flying Dragons Team on paramotors, Red Bull’s T-28 Trojan, Piper Carbon Cub, and The Hercules have also made some impressive appearances at Antidotum Airshow Leszno. Antidotum Airshow Leszno is also known for its vintage planes, like the rare OV-10 Bronco or Hungarian Lisunov Li-2.

The two-day event usually starts with a twilight show in the afternoon. The public can see fantastic displays with live music and pyrotechnics. The displays run from about 5: 30 to 10 30 on both days. The night show is arguably the best part of Antidotum thanks to the stunning pyrotechnic effects. Leszno airport can be best reached by bus or train. Parking is available for a charge. Tickets are needed for this event, but children aged 3 and under can get in for free.

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