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Floating Market 2019

In l'Isle sur la Sorgue you'll find a very unusual way to buy some fresh vegetables, fruits, or seafood from the local farmers

Floating Market in Provence & French Riviera 2019 - Best Time
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©Alain Hocquel-ADT Vaucluse Tourisme

On every first Sunday of August Isle sur la Sorgue is full of joy, colour, scents, noise, and local products. The traditional flat-bottomed "Nego-Chin" boats used for fishing in the past today are used for the annual floating market. The farmers dress up in traditional costumes, decorate their boats with flowers and then float around the Venice of Provence singing the famous "Coupo Santo" and selling fruits, vegetables, wine, cheese, bread, bouquets of flowers, or olives. Visit the vibrant floating market and fill your basket while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Floating Market in Provence & French Riviera - Best Season 2019
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