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Sweet Potatoes and Chestnuts

Korean winter offers rare street treats—cheap, delicious, and healthy at the same time


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Another reason to love winter in Korea is its seasonal street food, namely roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts. These flavorful snacks are not only cheap and delicious, but also healthy. Unlike other street foods, these don't need salt, sugar, or other seasonings to taste yummy.

Crunchy sweet potato fries at Gongju Market 2020
Crunchy sweet potato fries at Gongju Market

These snacks are especially aplenty in Seoul during the winter months. You can smell pleasant flavours at every other street corner, or near subway stations. It's most advisable to try rare treats in older districts like Insadong, Jonggak, and Jongno. For sweet potatoes also visit the festival held nearby Sileuksa in early January.

Sweet Potatoes and Chestnuts in South Korea - Best Season 2020