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Rocky Mountaineer Train in British Columbia

This is more than just a train!

Best time: April–October

Rocky Mountaineer Train
Rocky Mountaineer Train
Rocky Mountaineer Train

The Rocky Mountaineer is the key to unlocking a hidden world of mesmerizing beauty as you make your way through the inaccessible parts of the Canadian Rockies. Just picture yourself passing along bluff canyons and scaling the sides of mountains in a train!

The Rocky Mountaineer offers more than 65 unique vacation packages in Canada and a choice of four rail routes throughout the Pacific Northwest, and Alberta. Luxury and world-famous train travel is the best way to witness the majestic Canadian Rockies.

The train operates from April to October and closes in winter due to the snow and icy conditions. Train trips take place during the day to make sure you are able to take in all the scenery!

Practical info

When is the best time to ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train?

The best time to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountaineer Train is from April through October. Although the train halts during the winter due to harsh weather, from spring to fall, passengers can enjoy sunny days and moderate temperatures from the comfort of their luxurious train coaches, giving them an unparalleled view of Western Canadian landscapes. Show more

Where does the train travel to and from?

The Rocky Mountaineer Train offers passengers four rail routes in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. These routes include Vancouver to Banff, Vancouver to Seattle, Seattle to Banff, and Jasper to Vancouver. This train ride guarantees awe-inspiring views of unexplored parts of the Canadian Rockies, showcasing unique geological features that would typically be inaccessible without a train ride. Show more

What are some unique sights that can be seen while on the train?

The Rocky Mountaineer Train experience passes by overwhelmingly beautiful and exotic views of Canadian Rockies' inaccessible regions. You can encounter placid lakes, cascading waterfalls, rocky peaks, bluff canyons and wildlife sightings, such as bears, moose, and elk from the comfort of glass-domed coach seating. More impressive features include over 4,000 feet in elevation climb, passing through 20+ tunnels, and traversing over 50 bridges. Show more

How do the onboard amenities compare to other luxury train travel experiences?

For over three decades, the Rocky Mountaineer Train experience has set an unparalleled standard of five-star luxury train travel. Luxurious train coaches provide scenic and extravagant views through over-sized windows. Friendly attendants offer top-notch service and curated storytelling while serving wine and local cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients. The unique features include glass-domed coach seating design provided to passengers giving them an all-rounded experience in a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Show more

Are there any additional activities or excursions available at the destinations along the train route?

With multiple destinations located on the train's four routes offering exciting excursions and activities, the Rocky Mountaineer Train experience allows passengers an unparalleled exploration of Canada's Western landscapes after the journey ends. These activities include helicopter tours, hikes, gondola rides and river rafting. The unique places to visit along the routes of choice include lively cities, charming small towns, UNESCO's heritage sites, and luxurious accommodations, restaurants, and boutiques beckoning the passengers to indulge in unique experiences. Show more

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