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Kakigori or Shaved Ice

Suffering from intense summer heat? Cool down with delicious Kakigori

Kakigori or Shaved Ice in Japan 2019 - Best Time
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Shaved ice is a popular dessert in Japan, especially during summertime. The history of shaved ice is surprisingly long, having first appeared around the 11th century in Japan. It was considered to be a very exclusive dessert because it was made of natural ice during winter. This luxurious treat was affordable only to the noble classes.

Kakigori or Shaved Ice in Japan - Best Season 2019

Nowadays, you can find plenty of cafes and restaurants in Japan where you can try different types of kakigori—from Japanese traditional shaved ice to super modern versions. There are so many different flavours and syrups to choose from such as kiwi, strawberry, and chocolate. You can even try shaved ice with small pieces of mango and lemon.

Best time for Kakigori or Shaved Ice in Japan 2019

The best time to try kakigori in Japan is during the hottest months from June to August.

Best time to see Kakigori or Shaved Ice in Japan 2019