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Mount Kenya Ascent

Second highest African mountain is a home to diverse animals and beautiful landscapes.

Best time: late December–early March

Mount Kenya Ascent
Mount Kenya Ascent
Mount Kenya Ascent

With the highest Point Lenana summit of 4985 meters, Mt Kenya is more than just a sole mountain, but a range which stuns with its ice-capped beauty. It is also a territory that leopards, elephants, buffalos and many more call home.

The best time to go hiking are the clearest and driest days of a dry season. Then you can enjoy the magnificent views of Gorges Valley and Lake Mackenzie. Try to avoid the period between March and May, since it is famous for its rain peaks which hinder visibility. Choose mornings over afternoons to make an ascent, since these are less prone to rains, and enjoy the spectacular alpine scenery.

Practical info

When should I go hiking on Mount Kenya?

From late December to early March, which falls under the dry season, is the best time to hike Mt. Kenya to enjoy the clearer and drier days. Outstanding views of Gorges Valley and Lake Mackenzie can be enjoyed during this period. It is recommended to avoid hiking Mt. Kenya from March to May to avoid the peak periods of rain. Show more

Which particular locations provide the most incredible views during the ascent of Mt. Kenya?

The Mt. Kenya Ascent provides incredible alpine scenery, which is best enjoyed in the morning when there is less rain. Both Gorges Valley and Lake Mackenzie provide a breathtaking view of the landscape, which comes alive during the dry season. These locations offer great views during the ascent. Show more

What is the highest point on the Mt. Kenya Ascent?

Point Lenana is the highest point of the Mt. Kenya Ascent, towering at 4985 meters high. It provides a 360-degree view of the surroundings that incorporate savannah and distant towns. It is also the most frequently approached summit on Mount Kenya, as it offers a fantastic view of the area. Show more

What kind of animals could I run into while ascending Mt. Kenya?

Elephants, buffalos, leopards, bushbucks, and several other animal species dwell in the forested areas of Mt. Kenya. Different bird species are also present. Hikers are advised to remain cautious while hiking and follow the rules set by the authorities on sighting these animals and engaging with them. Show more

When should I plan my ascent on Mt. Kenya?

It is recommended that hikers make their ascent to Mount Kenya in the morning when the weather is clear, visibility is high, and the likelihood of rain is low. Morning temperatures are also cooler and provide a comfortable environment for the hike. Descending in the afternoon when peak heat is out is also an ideal thing to do. Show more

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