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Mount Kenya Ascent

Second highest African mountain is a home to diverse animals and beautiful landscapes.


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With a highest Point Lenana summit of 4985 metres, Mt Kenya is more than just sole mountain, but a range which stuns with its ice-capped African beauty. It is also a territory that leopards, elephants, buffalos and many more call home.

Mount Kenya Ascent in Kenya - Best Season 2020

The best time to go hiking are the clearest and driest days of a dry season. Then you can enjoy the magnificent views of Gorges Valley and Lake Mackenzie. Try to avoid the period between March and May, since it is famous for its rain peaks which hinder visibility. Choose mornings over afternoons to make an ascent, since these are less prone to rains, and enjoy the spectacular alpine scenery.

Best time for Mount Kenya Ascent in Kenya 2020

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